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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Izzat da circumferentially-challenged gentlewomon?

Flood water has receded in 11 Bangkok districts;
Bangkok deputy gov says city's main roads will be dry in two weeks.

Well, I've been listening. I believe I hear a faint descant. I know I said it once before, but I do believe now that the flood has reached its peak, and I'm still dry. And (by sheer luck) my townhouse out on Nuanjan is still dry . . . tho it's still surrounded by increasingly rotting water.

The monitor lizards are out in force. Tee saw a bezillion of them from the army truck that waded her in to work today. You can see from this picture that while this may not be a great event for a lot of people, it's like old home week for the komodo dragon relations:

At the condo, the parking garage is just starting to open up. For weeks people have been parking here, because the floors of the garage are well above any possible flood level. When there's no space to park, so, well . . . 

The Thais have some very creative ways of dealing with modern problems. E.g., to park in a crowded parking garage. You get stuck behind someone waiting for a space, can’t get around him to look for one yourself, when you do you have to go up another floor, and another . . . . Anyhow over there if there aren’t spaces, you pull up behind a row of parked cars, lengthwise, so that you block a bunch of them from getting out. Then you set your wheels straight, put your car in neutral,  lock the doors, and go wherever you’re going. When someone finds your car in the way of their getting out, they just roll it out of the way, then back again when they’re done. I bet that seems bizarre. Wouldn’t work in the U.S., no way. But here, they don't even have to leave a note. Anyhow, my garage was like that, every floor, for several weeks. Now it's thinning out. Soon, je crois, it will be back to what it was, maybe 25% of capacity.

So I think we made it. But it's still gonna be a long time before things get back to normal. First of all, the water is stagnant and rotting, and leaving very slowly. Then, it's gonna take maybe a month to drain out. Then people start cleaning up. 

Wow. Well, that's all the news today from Lake WoeNotGoneYet. More soon.

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